we support

(Let’s Give Children a Chance)

For over ten years, the charity organisation DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.p.s. (Let’s Give Children a Chance) has been helping children and young people from orphanages across the Czech Republic on their way to independence. Since 2021, we have donated one Czech crown from every kilogram of coffee sold to the organisation and provided coffee services for the organisation at all events for partners and the public.


(No Clichés)

BEZ FRÁZÍ (No Clichés) is a space where sports personalities can tell us about their experiences in their own words without exaggeration or limitations. The organisation presents stories accompanied by original photos, publishes books and audio books, makes documentaries, creates podcasts, organises talks for the public and for children, and expands itself with charitable dimensions. All content is original and fully authorised by those who provide the narration.


University Hospital Královské Vinohrady, Department of Haematology

Since 2019, we have been providing free services to the Department of Haematology at the University Hospital Královské Vinohrady.

Central Military Hospital, Prague - Department of Neurosurgery and Neurooncology

Since 2021, we have been providing free services to the Department of Neurosurgery and Neurooncology at the Central Military Hospital in Prague.

JUDO TJ Auto Škoda Mladá Boleslav

We have long been traditional partners of the ŠKOENERGO CUP and support the young talents of Czech Judo. podpriumee judo


Organization Anděl Strážný

Since 2024, we have been providing our services "pro bono" to Anděl Strážný organization.